Roofing & Cladding Profile



AASHI Buildings offers outstanding engineered roof and wall cladding profiles for Pre-Engineered Buildings to suit custom requirements.
All the panels are available in roll formed profiled sheeting, High Tensile Steel with Yield Stress of 550MPa, Zn-AL Alloy Coated For better corrosion Resistance and are also available in various colors.

Technical Parameters of Base Materials

Galvalume/Zincalume Steel is the most popular product using globally for roofing & cladding. This Steel Profiled Sheet product has a highly corrosion resistant coating comprises of 55% Aluminium 43% zinc & 1.5 % silicon with high strength steel grade 300-550 MPA Yeild Strength. The metallic coating is applied using continous hot dip coating process. This coated steel is available with aluminium-zinc coating of minium AZ-150gms/sqm coating total of both sides as per ASTM:A-792 which means 150gsm/sqmtr minimum. Galvalume sheets are available in tensile strengths of 300,345 & 550 MPA.

Galvanized Steel is also one of the most popular product using by all the manufacturers in india and abroad for roofing & cladding. This steel sheet product has coating of zinc alloy of minimum 120gsm/sqm as per IS 277 with steel grade of 240 MPA yield Strength . Galvanised steel is available in Pre painted finish with continuous hot dip process in any colour as per requirement.


Hi-Rib profile is 1000-1020 mm wide coverage with 28-30mm deep ribs at 200-250mm centre to centre crest with two/three stiffeners in between the rib.

Hi-rib Profile incorporates male/female ends with full return leg & anti-capillary flute at side-lap thus ensuring leak proof sheeting capable of efficient water drain out. The profile is also available in CRIMP CURVED form for semi circular & arched roofing & flashing.


  • Clip-lock profile :- Clip-lock profile is designed to be fixed to roof purlin or wall girt with fixing clips which concealed during installation and require no fastening holes through the shed.
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