Project Management


When it comes to innovations in engineering, Aashi Buildings sets the standard.

AASHI is committed to Design, Manufacture and Install Pre-Engineered Buildings which are 100% Custom Built and Designed in accordance with Sound Principles of Engineering using Computer-Aided Designing.

Our Pre-Engineered Buildings are simple and economical in design, yet fully functional and diverse in purpose. We work diligently to provide accurate calculations as our entire engineering/detailing process is 100% computerized using conventional software programs like STAAD PRO and other 3D detailing software. Our engineers strive for innovation, comprehensiveness and clarity using standardized connection, thus enabling quick design, accurate manufacturing, quality erection and reducing errors considerably.

All our buildings meet and exceed Indian quality and design standards. Unless otherwise required, all AASHI buildings are designed and manufactured in accordance with the following Indian codes:

We provide our clients with design calculation, approval drawings, erection drawings and other documents which can easily understood by consultants and is essential to the successful completion of every project.